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Not knowing Shariah rulings related to one’s actions
Answered by Shaykh Abdul-Karim Yahya


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Failed suicide and medical treatment

Question: My son tried to commit suicide–he had some difficult trials in high school, but is a good boy who was both religious (of his own doing) and a good son to us and good to people. He failed, but is in hospital under big machines to sustain his life and to give him recovery because he has most of his body burned (he tried to set himself on fire).

Do continue medical treatment? Is his action forgivable?

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Ghazali: Exposition of the Way in which Young Children should be Disciplined, and the Manner of their Upbringing
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Can an employee discount be used by others?

Question: Can I use the employee discount a family member gets through the department store they work at?

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Deciding to not getting married

Question: If a man is able to fullfill the rights and responsibilities of marriage but doesn’t feel any need for it, is he sinful if he decides to do not get married ? In general, is there any problem if one decides to stay single until the end of his life ?


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