August 2007

Why do Hanafis place their hands down so low… below the navel!???  

Where to place hands in prayer, and where to take one’s religion from                                                                                           

Placing Hands in Prayer: Is the Hanafi Position a Reprehensible Innovation?

How Hanafi men hold their hands in prayers: why?

Praying behind people who keep their hands to their sides   


Thedifference between belief and knowledge.

Can the existence of God be proven through reason?

On God and reason.

Why does God exist?

Why does God take us into account for being born into the religion of our parents?

Where is God?

God’s will and cause and effects

Good and evil come from God

The Laws of the Universe and God’s will

The nature of good and bad and slavehood to God

Suhaib Webb » Duties of Muslim Youth: Lecture Imam Suhaib Webb

Audio Lecture: Duties of Muslim Youth [MP3]

Do nursing and pregnant women have to fast during Ramadan?
Answered by Faraz Rabbani
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