Fiqh of Menstruation: Birgivi’s Manual Interpreted

BIRGIVI’S MANUAL INTERPRETED is the explanative translation of a major Islamic legal work on menstruation, lochia, and related issues. Answering hundreds of questions needed by the Muslim woman practicing her din, this book provides accurate information and practical arrangement of charts and texts making it an important reference for every Muslim family.

The primary text, Dhukhr al-Muta’ahhilin [Treasure for Those with
Families] by Imam Muhammad al-Birgivi (d. 981/1573), is the most
uthoritative work on menstruation in the Hanafi school, which the
majorit y of Muslims follow. The work has been commentated upon by a
number of traditional scholars, the best known of whom is Imam Ibn
‘Abidin, the central scholar of the late Hanafi school.

The text and its commentaries have been studied by Hedaya Hartford
and Ashraf
Muneeb under various sheikhs from Syria and Turkey, among them Sheikh
Muhammad Amin Siraj of Turkey, a traditional Hanafi scholar who has an
unbroken chain to Imam al-Birgivi himself. Sheikh Siraj gave Hartford
and Muneeb his authorization to teach this volume in a written ijaza
that attests, in his words, to their “full comprehension and
meticulous understanding” of the work.

“A handbook of what a Muslim woman needs to know about her
period and related questions. The detailed content of this major work
should make it useful for anyone teaching women’s fiqh.”

Nuh Keller

“The most comprehensive treatise found on the subject in the Hanafi School. A
must read for every genuine student. The method of explanation is unique, and
the charts are unparalleled.”

Tahir Anwar, South Bay Islamic Association

  • Title: BIRGIVI’S MANUAL INTERPRETED: Complete Fiqh of Menstruation & Related Issues
  • Author: Hedaya Hartford/Ashraf Muneeb
  • Publishing House: Amana Publications
  • ISBN: 1-59008-046-7

Birgivi’s Manual Interpreted