Washing The Nose in Ghusl: An Easy, Upright Religion

Question: I was told that I had to sniff in water into my nostrils, until it “stings.” I’ve been doing that for a couple of months now, and ghusl becomes very difficult. It hurts me a lot to sniff water, and I start choking a great deal. When I was young, it used to hurt as well, so I asked my Qur’an teacher if there was anything else I could do; he said I could simply insert wet fingers into my nostrils, and clean out my nostrils that way. However, I recently found out that sniffing in water is a must. Unfortunately, it is beginning to take more and more water sniffed into my nose, to feel a “sting,” and I’m afraid I might end up sniffing in too much water into my nose. As a matter of fact, even now every time I do it, I start choking and coughing for a while. What is the correct method to (painlessly) perform the Ghusl?

Answer by Faraz Rabbani

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