ASHRAFIYA » Clearing financial matters first!

Hadhrat Mawlana Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) told a disciple, who had taken multiple loans (non-interest bearing) and was unable to pay them back, to write in detail regarding the payment of these debts in every letter written to him (usually fortnightly or monthly).

He was instructed to write these financial matters first and then mention issues realted to tareeq (that is consistency on wird, manifestation of blameworthy or lack of praise worthy morals, etc).

Hadhrat has on multiple occassions instructed to write down all such issues clearly in a diary, accessible to very close relatives, in case of sudden emergency or death. That is for the arrangement for posthumous clearance of these debts. This is essential.

It is an outstanding feature of Ashrafiya tariqa to have crystal clear financial dealings. Any mureed who does not recognize the importance of these issues is for sure not going to progress much in this spiritual path.

These great Prophetic sunnas of clearing one’s dues, redressing past wrongs, and striving for clarity, purity, and excellence in one’s dealings have been upheld most perfectly by the true sufis, whose way is a way of turning to Allah in all matters, in the way that He has commanded and loves.