Why does God take us to account for being born into the religion of our parents?
Answered by Shaykh Hamza Karamali

I am
a non-Muslim, looking into the Abrahamic religions. I would be grateful if you
could give me a Muslim perspective on the following: I assume most people
including Muslims follow their religion because they were born into it.
Everyone is convinced that the religion they follow is the right one. However,
i find it unfair that on Judgment Day, many people will be entering hell
because they followed the religion which was not the truth, but they had
believed whole-heartedly that it was true. Will God judge us on our good
intentions or on which prophet we believed in? For example, if you were Jewish,
but Christianity or Islam turned out to be the right religion, but you still
believed in God, and tried to live a good life, would you still go to heaven?
How do you know Islam is the truth? I would be extremely grateful if you could
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like to begin by thanking you for asking this important question. I hope that
I’m able to answer it to your satisfaction. Please don’t hesitate to ask
follow-up questions if you have any.

Quest for Meaning

scientific discoveries have established beyond doubt that there is order and
purpose embedded into the universe. The universe was not created haphazardly,
and this teaches us that God acts with wisdom.

that you are attending the performance of a play. You watch as the villain
commits murders and thefts and uses his might to trample the rights of
defenseless people. Suddenly, the curtains close.

even a five-year old child would, at this point, get out of their seat and
assume that the play is over, for if the play were to end at this point, the
playwright would not have told us a story at all. He would only have related a
haphazard series of events.

world is like the play: unless we have a higher context in which to place human
actions—a divine purpose to our creation and divine judgment in an afterlife—the
world appears haphazard and pointless, not the creation of an All-Wise God.

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