May 2007

Did Imam Ghazali abandon the Ihya?

Did Imam al-Ghazali abandon the interpretations he presented concerning belief (as translated as Book V of the Reliance of the Traveller) towards the end of his life? Did he eventually choose to denounce ta’weel? Are there any people who believe he did such things?

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Problems in Islamic understanding?
Answered by Faraz Rabbani

It is very true that there are problems in contemporary Islamic discourse and scholarship–aberrances from the ideals of our tradition–that lead to some of the problems you mention. These very same problems manifest themselves in many mosques and communities, and lead to much division and discord.

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The Path to Salvation – Some Keys

What are some keys to success in one’s worldly life?

Answer from The Absolute Essentials of Islam (Faraz Rabbani, published by White Thread Press)

Shadhili Tariqa – Ambition and Destiny
Shaykh Nuh Keller explaining Ibn Ata’illah:

Hikma #3: The mightiest ambitions cannot breach the walls of destiny

The Sufi way exists to know the incommensurability of the Divine. To
do so the self must relinquish its position as the greatest thing in
existence. Belief in the inevitability of destiny anticipates this in
principle before one realizes it in the fullness of one’s path.

The context of this maxim is personal transformation from spiritual
hypocrisy to spiritual sincerity. Masters of the path are unanimous
that to accomplish the change the aspirant must have high ambition
(himma ‘aliyya), but it must be sublimated so that it becomes
second nature; practiced and not thought about; there, but never looked
at or depended upon.

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