There has been a slew of crticisms of the Amman Message–a much-needed call to Muslim unity within principled limits–popping up on Muslim blogs and discussion group. The ‘concern’ seems to be that this historic declaration is too ‘accepting’ of others ‘we’ may disagree with.

The first issue to understand is that the declaration is clear that anyone who denies anything necessarily known to be of the religion of Islam is not a Muslim. This is the classical boundary between Islam and disbelief.

The second issue is that the unity this declaration talks about is the general unity of Islam and being Muslim. It does not deny or negate the existence of differences; nor does it hold anyone to believe that ‘others’ are following the right understanding of Islam. Rather, in its call of upholding traditional scholarly methodology, this declaration is affirming an important principle: we disagree, but we can do so with dignity and without falling into extremism or intolerance, and without stirring the sectarianism that has taken the lives of thousands of innocent believers and disbelievers across the world.

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And Allah alone gives success.

Faraz Rabbani