Shadhili Tariqa – Practical Aspects of the Path

The present section continues to answer the question, “What is Sufism?” by detailing the Path on its own terms; in other words, by showing what the Shadhili Path is and what those who tread it do.

 “Travelling the Path” talks about the work of the Path—what its students know, do, and, Allah willing, become.

“Manners of the Path” continues this practial examination of what the Path is by discussing the proper etiquette and relationships between people within the tariqa and the greater community, as well as exploring life issues such as marriage and earning a living.

The final section, “Taking the Path,” presents some of the learning materials of the tariqa such as the general wird and the introductory lessons. For those wondering what pursuing a spiritual path and taking the tariqa actually and practically entail, these documents go a long way in explaining this.