SunniPath Academy’s Summer Intensive Program

SunniPath Academy’s Summer Intensive Program

Are you seeking to spend your summer immersed in the Islamic sciences, but are unable to travel or need a flexible schedule? SunniPath Academy has a solution for you. As part of the Summer 2006 semester, SunniPath is offering an engaging summer intensive program, MoreKnowledge.

Designed especially for university and secondary school students on summer vacation, this intensive is perfect for anyone whose summer does not require the same level of worldly commitment as the rest of the year.

MoreKnowledge seeks to offer a balanced curriculum in four key subject areas, while allowing you the flexibility to choose the specific level or topic. You will be able to select four classes that fit into thefollowing subject areas: Belief, Fiqh, Methodology, and Enrichment. Courses will run from June 24, 2006 through September 24, 2006.

So, why are you waiting? Spend your summer seeking MoreKnowledge.

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