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Beard & Parents & following another madhhab

I”m an Indian Muslim. While studying in
America, I started keeping a beard, and grew it to a sunna fist-length,
and have kept it since (Alhamdulillahi) However, since I”ve returned to Hyderabad, my father is firmly
insistent that I shorten (trim, not shave) my beard in order to be more
socially and work-wise acceptable. My father considers my obeying him
from a son”s duty towards his parents, and is insistent. Now: I understand that in the Hanafi school it is wajib. Thus, would
it be sinful to trim my beard–following the Shafi`i school that says
doing so is not sinful (and the other schools, too, from what I
understand)? I”m very stressed by this, as this is in every conversation with my
father, and he is very grieved by all of this. He even ascribes his
past and current illness to my full beard. I try to be a dutiful son, so all this is saddening me. To what
extent is a full beard more important than a loving parent”s hurt

Local scholars (and other Hanafis from the Pakistan as well) have
simply stated that the beard is wajib and can”t be trimmed–but I
should remain polite with my father.What do I do? Do I keep my beard full, or trim (intending to follow the Shafi`i position)?

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