Seeker’s Digest » O Messenger of Allah, I come to you seeking refuge

An Intimate Calling
from the Wird Book of Imam Ashraf Ali al-Tahanawi

Translated by Faraz Rabbani, (c) 2006

O Messenger of Allah, I come to you seeking refuge
May my Lord’s blessings be upon you and all peace

I come distressed, seeking assistance and succor
For a soul that wrongs despite not having been wronged

O Messenger of Allah, I come to you seeking your protection
And your Lord grants you protection and you can’t be let down

O Messenger of Allah, I come to you as a guest
And the rights of guests are known to those noble

I come to you indigent and needy
With a soul possessing only tremendous sins

A stranger who has come from a strange land
Without any companions or partners


Help me, O Messenger of Allah, for I
Am at a loss, and despair has reached my very bones

Grant mercy, O Son of Aminah, grant mercy
For in sin have I been nursed and grown

It is your intercession I seek in distress and ease
And your healing when sickness befalls me

You are my support when darkness befalls
And in struggles you are my sure sword

If you seek forgiveness for me, O Master, even once
I’ll be of those upright on religion

Every limb of mine obeys you as if a slave
And in my heart love for you is constant

O God grant me success throughout my life
To pray weeping while others are asleep.

[Source: Munajat-e-Maqbool, 234-238, Idara-e-Islamiyat, Lahore, 1995]

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