Abd al-Ghani Nabulsi – Ustadha Umm Sahl

Source: www.Masud.co.uk

[Shaykh] Nuh and I, on the other hand, take a more traditional stand, believing that any Islamic science should first be read with a specialist in that field in order to correctly understand the terminology and issues related to that subject, and that without this process one is likely to make mistakes in ones understanding. Sufism is one of the easiest areas to make mistakes in since it is principally concerned with spiritual experience and the means to attaining to it. Since this
goal of Sufism is not confined to the realm of our day to day lives, defining
this experience in words is hardly understandable except with training in this science and is the reason that many great scholars like Sheikh `Abd al-Ghani have sometimes been misunderstood in the history of Islam by a sector of scholars who have not associated with the Sufis or learnt from them.

I hope here to reply to Akram’s article point by point, and in doing so I hope it
will become apparent that Sheikh `Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulsi was not a man of “Satanic heresies,” as Akram suggests, but rather one of the great figures in the history of our religion. I also hope to illustrate that simply knowing Arabic is not a sufficient qualification to discuss and criticize the Islamic sciences in the same way that knowing English is not enough to contribute to understanding the disciplines of medicine, physics and engineering, and in fact taking such an attitude does more harm than good. And our success is only through Allah, we turn to Him for help and ask Him for an increase in guidance and knowledge.

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