SunniPath Answers: A Reader on Sufism

The following are a collection of links on Sufism sorted by topic. Articles are from Sidi Masud Khan’s Excellent Site: and Q&A links are from the archives at

What is Sufism, is it an innovation? – What is its Place in Islam?

The Place of Tasawwuf in Traditional Islam Sh. Nuh Keller

How would you respond to the Claim that Sufism is bid’a? Sh. Nuh Keller

Islamic Spirituality: the forgotten revolution Sh. Abdal Hakim Murad

What is this “Sufism” that some love and other people hate?

Imam Ghazali on Sufism and the Reality of Spiritual Inspiration

The Meaning of Tasawwuf Sh. Shahidullah Faridi (r.a.)

Is Sufism a ‘Gross Innovation? What is the Reality of Sufism?

Dhikr by Word and by Action

Rumi: True and False Sufis

Jihad al-Nafs (Striving Against One’s Lower Self)

Taking a Shaykh in the Spiritual Path (Tariqa)

Taking a Spiritual guide: Is there something wrong with it?

Taking Bay’a with a Shaykh?

Is taking a shaykh on the spiritual path an innovation?

Meeting with Reality: My Road to Tasawwuf – Qais Arthur


What are good writings on the soul, the stages it goes through, and man’s place in this world?

Sufism and the Shariah

Sufism and Shariah

Tasawwuf and Sharia – Shafiq ur-Rahman

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The Concept of Bid’a in the Islamic Shariah Sh. Nuh Keller

Spiritual Meaning of Prayers (Worship) Performance of the daily prayers (Salbt)

Calling to Allah: from the best of spiritual works

Have you seen a Faqih? Reason and Knowledge in Islam

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