The Fiqh of Voluntary (Nafl) Prayers: An exposition of the prayers not directly related to the obligatory prayers
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Special Offer for New Muslims

Special Offer for New Muslims

Intention, Validity & Sincerity: Important Points
– Answered by Faraz Rabbani

Important Basics: Intentions, Sustaining them, Prophetic Guidance, Asking, and Learning
– Answered by Faraz Rabbani

The Rise of Dubai: A Queue in the Sand – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News

Wall Street bigwigs and top corporate chieftains are scurrying to the Mideast petro states to curry favor and pitch megadeals.

Reader on interest (riba), mortgage, leasing, insurance and other related matters of Islamic finance


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Why is Riba, such as bank interest, forbidden? Are there alternatives in Britain?

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My father’s earnings

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Necessity (darura) that makes unlawful lawful… loans on interest? No!

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Someone else taking interest loan for us against our will

Working at a firm which may have transactions involving interest

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How to Get Rid of Haram Money

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Victim of ribawi mortgage: Keeping our duty…

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Purchasing a house which still has interest bearing loan…

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Diminishing musharaka (co-ownership) home financing

Can we take out a mortgage? It is both financially advantageous, and

avoids a lot of immigration headaches for close relatives…

Shared ownership schemes

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Zakat on Rental Income (which is used to pay off halal mortgage)

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Fiqh of financing

Leasing a Franchise that sells haram products

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Leasing a car – Is it permitted, and if so with what conditions?

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Islamic Financing in the US


Working with Medical Insurance

Paying £500 deposit or taking out insurance for a rented car

Selling insurance policies to non-Muslims?

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Working in an insurance company

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RE: Insurance Claims

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Is Deducted Life Insurance Money Halal? Please Explain

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Monetary Penalties on Late Payment: If a Customer Delays in Paying, Can we Charge him for this

Premium Bonds

Is it haram to use credit cards?

Delays in Making Credit Card Payments

Mutual Funds: Are they allowed?

‘O ye who believe! Devour not usury’ My father bought me saving

certificates which have multiplied in value: what do I have a right to?

Is it permitted to take inflation-adjusted loans?

Stock market investment

Do our scholars understand? RE: I have put money in an endowment policy: Is this fine?

Trading in currencies

Buying and selling gold for profit?

A person can borrow from their own IRA account to pay for education. But the government mandate

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Sending Clients to a Collection Agency

Bank loans when there is ‘dire need’

My mother forgot to pay the credit card bill on time, and now there’s an amount of interest sh

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Declaring bankruptcy due to bad financial situation

The job of a lawyer, barrister or solicitor in the West

Would a career in real estate, as an agent, broker, or appraiser be permissible?

Working for a life insurance company

Working as a security guard to guard a bank

How does one deal with an invitation from someone whose income is not lawful

Pre-paid legal services

Welfare, Working Under the Table, and the Issue of Cheating and Deception

Choice of jobs

Fundraising for the mosque with tickets with prizes

Permissibility of and Zakat on 401k plan & other securities

Lottery funding for Islamic project | GTA | `For Indians, Brampton is Canada’

In the summer of 2006, Babita Sharma and her 2-year-old son left their home in Punjab, India, to start a new life in Canada. But their destination was not Toronto. Instead, Sharma landed in Brampton, where she joined her husband.

“He didn’t even think of Toronto when he came here to look for a job,” said Sharma. “Brampton has everything we need – the community, the stores, and it’s affordable for us.”

It’s a move and a choice that many Indians immigrating to the GTA are making, according to the new census data released yesterday. In 2006, India surpassed China as the number one source of immigrants settling in Toronto.

About 77,800 immigrants came from India, and 17.4 per cent settled in the Toronto metropolitan area. The number of foreign-born residents in Brampton grew by 59 per cent between 2001 and 2006, according to the latest census data.

“For Indians, Brampton is Canada,” said Ahmed Iqbal, the executive director of Brampton Multicultural Community Centre, which serves 11,000 immigrants a year, the majority from India. “They have heard about it and they know that it is a place where people `look like us,'” he said.